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FloPro® Designer

FloPro® Designer software is as intuitive as a sketchpad, but greatly more capable. With FloPro Designer, users can conduct a detailed heat loss analysis, lay out near boiler and system piping, size and select all system components (including boilers), develop a materials list and generate a variety of professional-looking documents.

FloPro Designer gets an update

We recently completed the most comprehensive and powerful update yet of FloPro Designer 3.0, to make your job even easier. These new enhancements mean more time savings and an easier workflow. Check out the features below or go straight to the download to update your FloPro Designer.

3.0 Feature Updates

  • The "side drawing" capability now allows installers to draw up a complete boiler room to scale with every component, pipe size and length, pump model, ball valve and boiler type included. Designer can draw the picture, print it out and give it to an installer who takes the illustration to the job to be installed exactly as shown.
  • Updated boiler wizard makes drawing an entire mechanical room as easy as answering a few questions.
  • New "Cycle Annotations View" toolbar button makes working with text annotations a snap.
  • Added more floor plan detail.
  • Added condensate neutralizers for use with condensing boilers.
  • Added glycol feed system.
  • Added calculation of units of piping instead of total length.
  • Added new hydronic pipe materials: Stainless steel 304/316 in various schedules and Viega products (ViegaPEX Barrier, FostaPEX, Stainless Steel 304/ 316).
  • Pumps which come packaged with boilers noted on schedules.
  • Added Axiom selection for condensate neutralizer and glycol feed system and download related documents.
  • Added couplings to the fitting list.
  • Added Viega ProPress and PEX Press fittings.
  • Added Aquatherm fittings.
  • Added equivalent length to pipe and duct fitting calculations.
  • Updated calculations related to mixing 3-way control valves.
  • Updated the calculation of the imposed load heat pump cooling power when inputting flow and Delta-T.
FloPro Designer
Design residential hydronic systems
Intuitive as a sketchpad.

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