CA Series Expansion Tanks   

Designed to Eliminate Direct Air-to-Water Interface

These Taco tanks are designed to solve a long-time problem in the hydronics industry. In old style, plain steel tanks, the direct air-to-water interface can allow the air to be absorbed into solution and carried to other parts of the system. The results can be waterlogged tanks, air-bound terminal units, excessive corrosion, inefficient balancing and pump cavitations.

Not so with Taco CA Series Tanks. In this design, the air is held captive on the shell side, with all expanded fluid directed into the bladder (in CA models) or the diaphragm chamber (in the CX Series). Air and water are permanently separated, so no absorption can take place during the system cycle.

Properly sized, selected and located air separation and removal components can provide a stable, tight and closed hydronic system. In most properly-sized “CA” systems, you can reduce the tank size by 80% compared to the old style, plain steel tanks.

CA Series
Expansion Tanks
• Capacity: 23 - 2,640 Gal.
(90 - 10,000 Liters)
• Diameter (in.): 20 - 72
• Height (in.): 29 - 160

CA Series Expansion Tanks

Instruction Sheets (5)

TitleSheet NumberEffective Date
CA Exp. Tank Rep. Bag402-01310/16/2015
CA Expansion Tanks402-00212/01/2014
CW Exp. Tank Rep. Bag402-025September 1, 2001
CW Expansion/Storage Tanks402-09308/01/10
CX Expansion Tanks402-01503/29/2013

CA Series Expansion Tanks

Submittal Data Sheets (3)

TitleSheet NumberEffective Date
CA Expansion Tanks (Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI 61-G for Potable Water Applications)401-083P12/012014
CA-125 Expansion Tanks401-08312/01/2014
CX Expansion Tanks401-02112/01/09