Hydronic Heating/Cooling Systems: Your Best Choice

As a homeowner you should know that for comfort, efficiency, economy and reliability, you can’t beat a home heating system that uses water, as opposed to air, as the heating medium. Fluid-based systems, called hydronic systems, offer a variety of advantages over forced air heating systems, and they’re easily adaptable to your needs.

There are various types and configurations of hydronic heating systems. Probably the most typical is a system in which water is heated in a boiler, then circulated through pipes to baseboard heating units (convectors) or radiators in the various rooms of the house. Those big, cast-iron radiators that stood under the windows in your grandmother’s house were a sure sign she had a hydronic system.

Although a boiler is the most common source of heat, it isn’t the only source. With rising energy costs, improved technology and greater concern for the environment and the need for “green” energy, homeowners are installing more hydronic systems every year that rely on geothermal energy or solar energy as the heat source.

Most people don’t realize that water-based, hydronic systems can be used for cooling as well as heating, when chilled water is circulated through pipes embedded in ceilings and walls, or through aluminum wall-mounted panels.

Radiant In-Floor Heating
Radiant in-floor heating systems also are hydronic systems. Hot water circulates through pipes embedded in or under the floor to warm the room. Similar hydronic systems are used outdoors, for roof and sidewalk/driveway ice melt systems.

Comfortable, energy efficient, economical, flexible: Home hydronic systems offer an unbeatable solution for your home and your family.

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