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Taco Comfort Solutions provides turnkey solutions for our partners in the hospitality industry. Taco’s solutions are uniquely designed to maximize guest comfort while decreasing operating costs, significantly impacting the bottom line.

Our unique approach to the industry’s primary objectives of enhanced guest comfort, higher occupancy rates, and increased revenue by providing a variety of products and services to assist management in the analysis and optimized utilization of a property’s energy resources, mechanical equipment and capital improvement budget.

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Our Services

Booster Pump Systems: Taco’s Booster Systems are factory assembled, performance tested, UL labeled, and backed by our trusted reputation for product integrity. Taco has over 35 years of experience in designing and building booster systems. Our units are compact, self-contained, and engineered for easy piping. Booster Systems are offered in Simplex, Duplex, and Triplex configurations to better meet your facilities unique requirements.

Guest Room HVAC Efficiency Update: Utilizing the latest in technology, Taco can improve the guest experience by providing high-efficiency components to recondition existing fan coil units and water source heat pumps. This process helps reduce operating costs while improving guest comfort, lowering room noise levels and eliminating odors.

Training Services: Want to learn more about hydronic systems and how to better support your equipment? Rely on Taco’s expertise and ask about our training classes. We offer classes for advanced hydronics at our headquarters in Cranston, RI where we cover the bases from system design, maintenance, and control strategies. We also are willing to come to you to teach a class! Contact Taco for more information and to discuss whether an onsite class is right for you.

Building Automation Systems: Taco offers two Building Automation solutions. Look to upgrade your current Building Automation System with the Clarity3™ or iWorX® platforms. Clarity3 is Taco’s field programmable BAS offering designed for easy installation and intuitive operation. Choosing Clarity3 enables users to Find, Learn, & Act on their buildings unique needs. Facility managers with more application-specific needs in mind should choose the iWorX BAS. iWorX controllers are application specific and are designed to be plug and play for quick installation.

Complete Hydronic Systems: Taco’s LOFlo® and LoadMatch® are designed to significantly reduce the flow of water and increase the efficiency of your hydronic applications. LOFlo technology significantly reduces energy consumption while providing precise control to terminal units. A LoadMatch system is the marriage of two old ideas wrapped around a new technology. Every LoadMatch system can provide both heating and cooling in single-pipe circuits, using common terminal units.

Plumbing Products: Choose Taco Comfort Solutions’ trusted portfolio of plumbing products to increase efficiency and guest comfort. Enjoy instant hot water while avoiding major renovations by adding the Hot-LInkPlus-e or the TacoGenie® systems to the facility’s existing plumbing. Protect your systems from potential damage by adding the LeakBreaker® to shut off the water supply to your hot water heaters when a leak is detected. Choose the LeakBreaker featuring eLink to not only prevent potential flooding but also alert your facility managers via text or email when a leak is detected or another status change occurs.

Case Studies

Taco Comfort Solutions takes pride in assisting our hospitality partners in increasing guest comfort. We believe increased guest comfort leads to longer and more frequent stays causing room rates to rise having a significant impact on your bottom line. Here are a few examples of how we’ve been able to help our partners in the hospitality industry:

Proximity Hotel - Going Green in Greensboro

City hosts world’s first LEED Platinum hotel.

Historic Hotel Monaco

LoadMatch® System suits historic New Orleans hotel.

Proximity Hotel

Green hotel uses Taco LoadMatch system.

Providence Renaissance Hotel

Air & dirt separator meet challenge of hotel’s iron oxide problem.

For more information, please contact:

Ric Turmel
(813) 601-1698

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