Homeowner Videos

Heating and cooling accounts for the lion’s share of the energy used in a home – about 56 percent.
As a homeowner, you can see significant saving by improving, upgrading or even replacing your current heating and cooling system. In this video, we’ll review the basics of home heating and cooling, types of systems and fuels available, and the components that make up a typical home system.

Understanding the heat loss of a structure is the fundamental first step in designing any residential hydronic heating system. These systems must replace the heat lost from a structure in order to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. In this video, we’ll review heat loss of your home, Infiltration and Transmission heat loss and learn the meaning of R-Value and U-Value.

How you heat and cool your home and how well and efficiently you do it, are vital to every homeowner. In this video we’ll cover the advantages of Hydronic heating systems. We’ll discuss how Hydronic Heating Systems are efficient and flexible and we will learn why Hydronic Systems
are an ideal choice for heating and cooling your home.

In this video we’ll cover the advantages of Forced Air heating systems. They can be less expensive, easier to heat your home and there is no danger of leaks and cracks. Forced-air residential heating and cooling systems are the most common in the United States.

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