Heating History

A Short History of Central Heating
The history of home heating begins many thousands of years ago. Long before Man learned how to make fire, he learned it’s benefits—sustaining warmth, cooked food, light to keep at bay the terrors of the night. These must have seemed random gifts from the inexplicable gods of lightning, volcanic eruptions and forest fires. More

Franklin Invents His Stove
By the late 17th century, the next major improvement in home comfort had appeared–and this one was huge—the invention of the “circulating” stove. But it was left to Ben Franklin several decades later to improve the design and give it his name. His design incorporated several innovations that paved the way for a broad adoption of central heating in modern life. More

Taco Becomes a Force
Taco was founded in 1920, when Elwood White, grandfather of the current President John Hazen White Jr., purchased the Thermal Appliance Company in Elizabeth. N.J. More

The Chimney Rises
Fast forward again, this time a few hundred years, to the next great advance in home heating comfort: The invention of the chimney, and along with it the fireplace. Historians aren’t quite sure when the chimney appeared. But there is evidence that the first chimneys may have come into use in the 12th century. More

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