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A lot of people are installing mod con boilers to improve system efficiency.

FloPro Team Leader John Barba is joined by our FloPro Designer answer man, Ra Puriri, for an introduction to the FloPro Designer hydronic design software.

Learn five relatively inexpensive things you can do to make hydronic heating systems efficient.

Those sizing charts for indirect domestic hot water tanks can be confusing, and pairing the right tank with the right circulator.

The right controls will enable you to get the best from any boiler, cast iron or mod con, and to satisfy your customers’ desire for better energy efficiency.

Join Taco Head Trainer John Barba for an in-depth look at pressure drop how to calculate it correctly, how to size system circulators.

Join Taco Head Trainer John Barba for a guided tour of Taco’s Bumble Bee High Efficiency Variable Speed Circulator.

Expansion tanks and buffer tanks – one is always used, and the other one probably.

FloPro Team Leader John Barba is joined by our FloPro Designer answer man, Ra Puriri.

Why bother to estimate the fuel usage and your customers’ potential savings? Join John Barba to find out why, and how.

In this one hour webinar, John Barba talks about the facts and fallacies about pricing your work, and how to find common ground with your trade clients and homeowner customers.

The Magic and Majesty of Radiant FLoor Surface Temperature. Join John Barba for this detailed webinar where he digs into the details of radiant floor heating.

Join John Barba and Bruce Marshall of Emerson-Swan for a detailed discussion of why do combustion analysis, how to do it, and some tools and techniques you can use to do it right and get it right.

Join John Barba as he discusses how to calculate friction loss and how to choose the correct circulator for your project.

Join John Barba and author Carol Fey, as they discuss the basics of electricity and troubleshooting circuits.

John Barba takes an in depth look at what pump curves are all about, where they come from and practical applications.

Join Bruce Marshall from Emerson Swan and John Barba as they discuss issues, effects and solutions for testing and treating system water quality.

John Barba gives you the field guide to piping todays high efficiency modulating condensing boilers. He discusses how to choose the right way to pipe, the right pipe sizes and the right supply water temperature.

Bruce Marshall and John Barba discuss internal systems fluids, how to maintain and properly prepare for installation of modern efficient boilers.

Which is better- Zone Valves or Circulators? Take your pick. It depends. They both work really well, but we will review how to choose one over the other based on your needs. We will also discuss what the differences are between them.

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