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Meet the Oe package! In a push to attain the highest efficiency standards, choosing...

Taco Family of Companies Acquires Taconova

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For More Information Contact: Ken Watson, Vice President Corporate Marketing, Taco Comfort Solutions, 401.942.8000/kenwat@tacocomfort.com CRANSTON, RI, USA — November 16, 2017 — Taco Family of Companies has acquired the Taconova Group, a leader in innovative hydronic solutions for heating, plumbing, and solar energy applications in residential and commercial buildings. Headquartered in Zurich, […]

Major Update to FloPro Designer

Our newly-updated FloPro Designer 3.0. software is almost as intuitive as a sketchpad, but greatly more capable.

SmartPlug. Smart Idea.

Taco Comfort Solutions is proud to introduce the award-winning SmartPlug Instant Hot Water Control®.

Taco Introduces the 007e

Taco Comfort Solutions has introduced the new 007e ECM high-efficiency circulator, offering the equivalent performance of the legendary 007 combined with high-efficiency ECM technology that uses up to 85% less electricity and requires no programming.

Taco Introduces 5121 Mixing Valve

The 5121 Mixing Valve is a compact, lead-free domestic water thermostatic valve designed to deliver stable, mixed water temperatures for faucets or any point-of-use installation wherever an ASSE 1070 safety valve is required.

Taco Earns Best Places to Work Award

Taco Comfort Solutions has earned a 2016 Best Places to Work in Rhode Island award, presented by Providence Business News. This is a second Best Workplace award occasion for Taco (the company was previously recognized in 2011.)

Taco Awarded President’s

Taco was one of 123 companies honored with a 2016 President's "E" Award at the ceremonies; the only recipient from RI, and a company that enjoys the distinction of being a previous "E" Award winner.


Taco's new SmartPlug™ will optimize hot water system efficiency and reduce electrical consumption up to 94% while saving 12,000 gallons of water per year.

00e 1816

Taco's new ECM, wet rotor 00e VR1816 circulator offers up to 85 percent savings in energy consumption compared to standard circulators of the same size.

00e 2218 ECM Circulator

Taco's new 00e VT2218 circulator is the only temperature sensing pump in its class. The 00e 2218 comes with two temperature sensors to provide delta-T readings to the pump's control, programmed to save hundreds of dollars in fuel costs, right out of the box.

SelfSensing End Suction Pumps

Taco has introduced self-sensing, variable speed end suction pumps. The pumps, with integrated VFDs, permit fast, accurate balancing.

Taco No Longer Just a Heating & Cooling Company

At the AHR Expo, Orlando, FL, January 25, 2016 - In order to diversify and facilitate entry into new industries and market channels, Taco®, Inc. has completed a major structural reorganization which starts with a change of name: Taco, Inc. is now Taco Comfort Solutions™, a Taco Group Company.

00e 3452 ECM Circulator

Taco's new, ECM, 00e wet rotor circulator line includes the VR3452 high efficiency variable speed circulator for light commercial chilled and hot water applications, offering up to 34 feet of shut-off head and 52 gpm flow.

Hot Water Recirc Systems

Taco has a solution for every domestic hot water recirculation (DHWR) challenge and homeowner preference.

Taco Expands iWorX®

Taco has broadly expanded the capabilities of its iWorX® control platform to provide an updated graphical user experience.

Taco Acquires Askoll SEI

Cranston, RI, USA-Dueville, Italy, October 30, 2015 - Advancing its strategic partnership with Italian pump manufacturer Askoll®, Taco Comfort Solutions™ announced today that it has signed an agreement with Askoll Holding srl to acquire 100% of Askoll Sei, a world class pump manufacturer of high efficiency pumps located in Sandrigo, Italy.

Wet Heat Technology Review

Hydronics Trends: Whole-System Comfort  From the March 4 2013 issue of TheNews by Angela D...

00-VS Circulators Birthday Bash

Taco’s celebrating! On November 18, many wholesalers and manufacturer’s reps across the country will make it their festive best to mark the 10th birthday of Taco’s Variable Speed 00 Circulators.


Taco’s new FuelMizer™ outdoor reset switching relay is a microprocessor-based control designed to regulate the supply water temperature of a single boiler, based on the outdoor temperature to achieve substantial energy savings.

March to Efficiency

Taco's 'March to Efficiency' promotion begins Friday, March 1. Each day in March, Taco will give away a featured e-smart product or a seat in a Factory Training course.

3350 Pressure Reducing Valve

Taco's New 3350 Pressure Reducing Valve Taco’s new 3350 valve is used to automatically feed water to a hydronic system whenever pressure in the system drops below the pressure setting of the valve.

New FloPro Training

Taco’s FloPro Training program for 2103 combines factory courses at their new Innovation & Development Center with many more training sessions offered remotely at wholesaler and rep locations nationwide.

FloPro® Designer

One of Taco’s most powerful FloPro Team services is the newly-enhanced design software package that’s almost as intuitive as a sketchpad, but greatly more capable.


The Taco GeoSentry™ Zone Valve is designed to enhance the overall performance of any open- or closed-loop geothermal system by providing accurate, reliable control of exchange fields.


Taco’s FuelMizer™ outdoor reset switching relay is a microprocessor-based control designed to regulate the supply water temperature of a single boiler, based on the outdoor temperature to achieve substantial energy savings.

FloPro University Revs up for its Fourth Year

Taco’s FloPro University (FloPro U) is ready for its fourth-year students with a new factory and in-the-field class schedule, live webinars and archived video e-learning sessions.

Viridian High Efficiency Commercial Pump Line

Taco’s commercial, ECM, wet rotor Viridian pump offers up to 80 percent savings in energy consumption compared to a standard commercial pump of the same size.

Multi-Purpose Tank

Taco’s commercial MPT (Multi-Purpose Tank) product line incorporates features of Taco’s buffer tank, 5900 and standard in-line air separator lines within a single product.

Commercial Design Suite enhancements

Users of Taco’s System Design Suite software, a powerful collection of hydronic design tools, can now download updates automatically.

Taco Acquires HydroFlo Pumps

Taco’s Acquisition of HydroFlo Pumps opens up new markets for Taco & Will Grow Hydroflo

“Do Your Best Work” Contest

Taco's "Do Your Best Work" Facebook wall contest kicked off on April 11. The contest is designed to showcase exemplary hydronic installations or facets of your daily trade experience, designed and perfected by you.

Taco Introduces SmartPlus Hot Water Recirculation

Taco's new SmartPlus circulator for systems with dedicated hot water return lines combines the reliability of Taco 00 circulators with cutting edge electronics for efficient domestic hot water recirculation.

iWorx Enhanced with Open Protocol

Taco's iWorx® building control system now includes GCI series of integration devices that utilize JENEsys™ and Niagra (AX) Framework technology to provide simple integration with most widely-used building automation systems.

Taco Improves BumbleBee Variable Speed Circulator

New, second-generation BumbleBee Variable Speed Wet-Rotor Circulator with high-efficiency, ECM motor, operates in three modes—Delta-T, fixed speed or set point to meet a desired temperature.

Taco Rolls Out Two New Video Series For Viewing At The Taco Youtube Channel

Cranston, RI, May 3, 2011 – Taco has produced two new short video series available for viewing at Taco's YouTube.com channel. One series features Taco President and CEO John Hazen White, Jr. discussing aspects of the company's past, present and future. The other series has Taco Executive Vice President Chris Integlia discussing Taco's involvement and commitment to sustainable operations and practices.

Taco’s Newly-Updated FloPro Designer

At the AHR Expo, Las Vegas, NV, January 31, 2011 - One of Taco’s most powerful FloPro Team services is the newly-enhanced design software package that’s almost as intuitive as a sketchpad, but greatly more capable.

Taco Expands FloPro Factory Training for 2011

At the AHR Expo, Las Vegas, NV, January 31, 2011 -Taco’s FloPro Factory Training offers a broad range of professional development opportunities for plumbing and heating contractors in 2011. Participants learn to grow their hydronic expertise and boost profitability. All hands-on classes offer useful information and experience. Their popular webinar series will continue at a rate of two per month, free of charge.

Back to School: Taco’s FloPro University Revs up for its Second Year

At the AHR Expo, Las Vegas, NV, January 31, 2011 - Taco's FloPro University (FloPro U) is ready for its second-year students with classes beginning anew in February, 2011. With live webinars and archived video e-learning sessions, FloPro U offers high-quality, highly interactive contractor education programs.

Green Schoolhouse to Beat the Heat with Taco Chilled Beam System

Innovative heating and cooling system is part of the plan to achieve LEED-Platinum status Phoenix, AZ – January 20, 2011– The Green Schoolhouse Series , a national Green School initiative, announced that Taco, the nation’s leading provider of hydronic heating and cooling systems, will provide innovative HVAC technology to be featured in the series’ high-performance, eco-friendly Phoenix Safari Schoolhouse.

Taco’s Social Media Presence Expands Ambitiously

At the AHR Expo, Las Vegas, NV, January 31, 2011 -Taco, Inc. has embraced the social media realm as ambitiously as any HVAC firm internationally. "We immediately saw the potential for outreach among installing contractors, engineers, system designers, technicians, engineers, rep, wholesalers, building owners and homeowners," explained Director of Marketing Programs, Tim Smith.

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